Farmers Expect Minister Coveney to Open AEOS This Week

IFA President John Bryan has said farmers leaving REPS3 expect a new AEOS Scheme to re-open this week to give them enough time to apply before the deadline of mid-May.

John Bryan said, “The renewed confidence in the sector must be supported by a new AEOS for the 10,000 farmers who want to continue environmental works on their farms. The Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney knows the importance of the farm schemes for farmers leaving REPS3.

He said, “Farm schemes such as the AEOS and REPS play a significant part in supporting farm incomes and improving the environment. They are also crucial in stimulating the rural economy and creating jobs. The Government must ensure that all farm schemes are fully funded and remain in place to maintain our productive base, which will be an important element in fulfilling the growth potential of Food Harvest 2020.”

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