shows that Ireland announces 1,800 new jobs per month

by- Fiona O’Neill

Are you an Econ-Optimist?

An analysis carried out by the website, Econ-Optimist, to determine the level of employment created in the economy shows that over 17,000 new jobs have been announced in Ireland running from November 2010 to October 2011.

Since 2009, September 2010 has been the busiest month for job creation with over 5,800 jobs announced. The month of December 2010 followed rank in job activity with over 3,400 job opportunities created. Figures for November 2010 and May 2011 followed respectively. More announcements are continually made on a weekly basis.

Fiona O’Neill, creator of the website Econ-Optimist, monitors the nation’s media in search of news about job creation in Ireland. She said “Everyday we hear about the recession and how bad the economy is. Why don’t we hear about the positivity in the economy? It’s good to be informed, but we don’t have to be inundated by the recession”.

Jobs have been created in all industries ranging from the hospitality & fast food trade to pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

The website, Econ-Optimist, has over 400 blog posts since it’s creation in October 2008 and the positive news will keep coming.

Nigel Murray, co-founder of said; “Econ-Optimist is great addition to help our current unemployment situation improve. It is very important that people are given hope and optimism when there is so much doom and gloom around, and when you here that there are still jobs being created and skilled individuals have a chance at getting back into the work force its groups like Econ-Optimist who create innovative motivation who should be credited”.

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