Continuing Government confusion over the household tax highlights just how

out of touch they really are.

Whilst senior Labour ministers sowed further confusion in the minds of many
over the weekend as the persistently low registration figures for the new
household tax continue to perplex the government, the real reason why just
328,000 out of a total 1.8 million homeowners have registered for the new
austerity tax was witnessed in the National Stadium, Dublin. The Campaign
Against Household & Water Taxes held a hugely successful rally to which
over the 3,000 people from all over Ireland travelled.

John Lyons, a spokesperson for the campaign, said: “It was a fantastic
event: 2,500 people crammed into the stadium to create an electric yet
defiant atmosphere whilst another 500 who couldn’t gain entry held a
separate rally. Overall, it was an outstanding indication of just how
strong the campaign is nationally, with every county represented. But we
need to make it as clear as can be to Fine Gael and Labour that the people
will no longer tolerate paying for the crimes and folly of the rich. The
campaign has called for a national protest for next Saturday 31 March,
registration deadline day. Local campaigns from across the country will
assemble at 1pm at the Garden of Remembrance to march to the Fine Gael Ard
Fheis to send them clear message – “The People Can’t Pay, The People Won’t
Pay – Abolish The Household Tax”.

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