Hogan’s home tax ‘rewards’ a recipe for inequality

Minister Hogan’s comments about rewarding councils who ‘pull out all the
stops’ to collect the Household Tax would create massive inequality between
wealthy and poorer council areas.

“Those boroughs with a higher number of wealthier residents who can afford
to pay the tax would be given even more government funding, while less
well-off districts would be penalised,” said Cllr Ruth Coppinger of the
CAHWT. “Hogan’s home tax would thus create a hierarchy of service
provision, with wealthier areas being able to provide better local

“This is a recipe for further disadvantaging areas with higher unemployment
and lower incomes.”

“Instead of issuing more threats about the household tax, Hogan and his
government should listen to the clear will of the people. One million
households have rejected fear and continued to boycott the registration
process as part of a legitimate campaign against the tax and against
austerity, which is failing to create any economic growth.”

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