Property tax of €400 will send families over edge

Responding to reports that the government plans a property tax next year of  around €400 for an average home, the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) said this would hit hardest “young families already reeling in the recession and lead to an upsurge in non-payment levels.”

Cllr Ruth Coppinger of the CAHWT said “€400 is just the starter level. Everyone knows it will rise relentlessly each year, like refuse and other charges. Families suffering negative equity and exhorbitant child care costs will be tipped over the edge into poverty. The credit union surveys show 47% of households have €100 or less a month after bills, so this would be four months disposable income gone. “

“People simply cannot afford this. A whole new layer will become involved in the boycott campaign, especially if combined with a flat-rate water tax the following year,” predicted Cllr Coppinger.

“There is nothing progressive about driving families into further debt, ” said Cllr Coppinger. “This is a crude home tax hitting low and middle incomes and leaving the wealth and assets of the rich untouched. It will be met with huge resistance.”

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