Cash for local business start ups – in places you wouldn’t believe!

With banks reluctant to lend, and local economies struggling, this may not appear the ideal time to set-up a new business, but a recent study and start-up guide for SME’s just published by Sli Nios Fearr (A Better Way) may help pave the way – especially as it’s available as a free download as of today.

You wouldn’t think at first that a new political movement would have any interest in helping small businesses find their feet. Not so, having understood that this country’s recovery rests entirely on creating new opportunities for our 400,000 unemployed. Sli Nios Fearr, (A Better Way) is keen to show that it has a very firm grasp of all the essentials needed to stimulate and indeed assist whoever has the courage to start there own enterprise. Whether it’s a local jam maker or a large scale venture looking for capital assistance, Spokesperson Martin Critten and Limerick member Damian Tighe, who specialises in employment issues became mystery shoppers; appearing at banks, enterprise boards and trawling the internet for solutions for their own cause. Indeed, in recently establishing their own business, their combined experiences have culminated in what is a unique insight that could save time, heartache and limited resources for many a budding entrepreneur.

“Whilst we found banks reluctant to offer finance, there are is a meridian of little know opportunities out there to raise capital.” Adds Martin Critten, it’s the kind of information you’ll never find walking through the door of your local Enterprise Board. Indeed, if you when there the likelihood is you would walk away as depressed as ever”

The guide which is available as free download from their website home page takes readers through the rudimentary steps of cultivating successful business ideas together with a helpful documents resource to protect and manage the creation of your business plans. “Very often, we can all have a bright idea and yet be uncertain of how to take it further” Martin explains: “as always cash is the limiting factor. What we hope to do with our guide is introduce you to alternative sources – even one’s I’d never heard of”

Considering we have a deplorable unemployment rate at present, masked by the blight of emigration, some 87,000 last year alone, any opportunity to help those with the ideas and the drive to start their own venture is a welcome break for us all. Multinationals will come and go, and like Google will offer nothing in the way of taxable revenue. It’s our SME’s that will pay the local rates, corporate taxes and employ those who are not entirely excited at the prospect of working as a ‘techie’. And such diversity and flexibility is what this country needs as our predominance in one sector caused much of our demise. Whilst we’d all like some stimulus package from the Government, which is far from visible, what Sli Nios Fearr offers here is a clear, easy and direct route to helping those with creative skills find a foothold in growing a sustainable business – for themselves and their families.

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