EPA launches new iPhone app to encourage people to report environmental pollution – If you See It – then Say It!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today launched a new iPhone App, See it? Say it!, to help people to report environmental pollution in their towns and villages.


The new App makes it easy for people to report a pollution incident the moment they see it. Using the App you can now take a photograph of the pollution incident, input GPS location coordinates, add a summary description of what you want to convey and your contact details and this will automatically be sent to the relevant local authority for follow up.


This App compliments the 24 hour nationwide environmental complaints phoneline – 1850 365 121 – which is already in place.  So, you can now report issues such as backyard burning, flytipping, water pollution, odours and littering by using the new iPhone App or by phoning the complaints line.


David Flynn, EPA Programme Manager, says:

“We want to make it easy for people who ‘See Something’ to ‘Say Something’.

This App is another way for people to report environmental pollution incidents and we hope they will download and use the App’s simple reporting methods to protect their local areas. The App is currently available for iPhone customers and the EPA hopes to extend this to Android phones.


The existing environmental complaints phoneline is also available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and all calls are answered by dedicated staff who pass the reported information to the relevant body for follow up such as local authorities, the Gardaí or the EPA.”


Joe Crockett of the County and City Managers’ Association (CCMA), said:

“The CCMA greatly welcomes the development of the mobile App.  The inclusion of GPS co-ordinates and photo imagery – and accurate information on location – will greatly assist the Environment Enforcement Officers to rapidly respond to reported environmental complaints.


The Local Authorities urges the public to make use of the new App and to continue using the National Environmental Complaints Line as their help is critical in assisting the Local Authorities to tackle the minority of society who recklessly endanger the environment by inappropriate and illegal activities”.


You can download the App now from the iTunes App Store (search iTunes for: ‘See it Say it’) or visit http://goo.gl/gOJMa or scan the QR code below. Then, if you spot environmental pollution or dumping, simply:


Ø  open the App,

Ø  take a photograph,

Ø  add a few simple details including a contact number and

Ø  submit the complaint.


The app will send the complaint details to the relevant local authority and will make it easy for those investigating to locate the problem.


To find out more about making an environmental complaint visit the EPA website at: http://www.epa.ie/whatwedo/enforce/report/.

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