“Revenue figures show very low uptake on registration for property tax” says Campaign

The Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes (CAHWT) has said that that figures released yesterday (Wednesday 24th April) by the Revenue Commissioners show “ a very low uptake on registration for the property tax.”

“Less than one-eighth of households have registered at this stage,” said Michael O’Brien, CAHWT spokesperson.  “When we take into account that many of those registrations will include owners of multiple properties, we are confident that the vast majority of single-home owners are sticking with the boycott and are refusing to register for this unjust tax.”
“This reflects the mood demonstrated at public meetings all across the country in recent weeks and at the national demonstration held in Dublin on 13th April,” Mr. O’Brien continued.  “People are angry at attempts to impose this bailout tax on us, and are determined to resist threats and intimidation from Revenue and the government.”
 “The decision by public sector workers to reject the Croke Park II proposals reflects a growing mood of resistance to the government’s austerity policies,”said Gregor Kerr CAHWT spokesperson.  “That mood will be strengthened in the coming weeks and our Campaign will be on the streets all over the country building a mood of protest and civil disobedience that will make it very difficult for the government to order the Revenue Commissioners to begin deduction of this hated tax from people’s wages and social welfare payments.”
The CAHWT is holding a national conference in Dublin’s Regency Hotel on Saturday (27thApril) to plan the next phase of the Campaign’s strategy.

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