MEP calls on people to join tomorrow’s protest to ‘drive wedge’ into Labour Party over Property Tax

* Labour in disarray, major protests can increase internal divisions

* Protests will focus on ‘weak link’ of the government

Socialist Party MEP, today called on people to join Saturday’s protest against the property tax at 12.30pm at Parnell Square, which has been organised by the Campaign Against Home and Water Taxes:

“Over recent weeks we have seen the Labour Party go into meltdown with a drubbing in the Meath-East by-election and the resignation of another member of their parliamentary party.

“Saturday’s protest against the property tax and austerity is a major opportunity for people to drive another wedge into the current disarray the Labour Party is engulfed in.

“The government has attempted to use Revenue as a bogeyman, but the fact is Revenue will only do what the government tells them to do. We want to send a message to the government, and Labour in particular, that there will be a massive boycott of the registration process. They will be faced with a political decision to decide whether to instruct Revenue to steal the tax from workers’ wages, social welfare or pensions.

“This protest will be part of a concerted campaign of pressure and civil disobedience to lay down a challenge to the Labour Party to see if they are willing to be the party that steals from the working class. It will be made crystal clear that this would mean political hare-kari.”

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