Don’t be Tricked – Treat Tyres Properly This Hallowen

TRACS (Tyre Recovery Activity Compliance Scheme) is asking members of the public not to burn waste tyres this Halloween.  It is also advising retailers that giving waste tyres to be used on bonfires is against tyre industry best practice, is illegal and pollutes the atmosphere.

Many people will be starting to collect material for Halloween bonfires.  While there are lots of materials which burn really well on bonfires, tyres are not one of them.

According to Fiacra Quinn, Director of TRACS, “It is important to remind tyre retailers, suppliers and distributors all around the country to act responsibly this Halloween and to recycle all used and end of life tyres through permitted waste collectors.  Burning tyres is highly undesirable from both an environmental and health and safety perspective.  Breathing in thick, black, toxic smoke should not be anyone’s idea of a good time. We are asking people not to seek out tyres for bonfires this Halloween, as well as asking tyre retailers not to provide them to consumers if asked, and to secure the waste they have on-site.” 

TRACS, asIreland’s Tyre Compliance Scheme, monitors the movement of tyres and waste tyres throughout the year and reports monthly to the Department of the Environment and the local authorities.

Ireland’s most responsible importers, manufacturers, retailers and waste collectors are registered with TRACS.  Members only give waste tyres to approved collectors and recognise that they still have a responsibility for their waste, even after it has been removed.   Retailers, as holders of the waste, further recognise that they are responsible for ensuring its proper management.

More information including a full list of TRACS’ members as well as authorised and permitted waste collectors is available from or by calling Pat Kierans at TRACS on 041 980 5289.

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