DoorJammer – Prevent Opportunistic Burglars This Winter

The prospect of shorter daylight hours and long winter nights with the upcoming clock change on 27th October can make people worry more about crime and personal safety.  New statistics from An Garda Siochana reveal that residential burglaries have increased by 9% on 2012 figures. DoorJammer is a new and revolutionary lightweight and super-strong personal security device that is simply fitted against a door, providing an extremely effective additional level of door security.


With shorter daylight hours, many people will be returning home from work, school and shopping trips and may feel more vulnerable in the dark, especially those that live alone, over the winter period.  According to AA Ireland, 3 in 10 people have fallen victim to burglary with 1 in 3 of these burglaries happening while the victim was in the house.


Based on these figures, homeowners are urged to take extra security measure this winter to help protect their properties and loved-ones. DoorJammer is an ingenious security door lock that is portable, low cost and an ideal security system to protect homes.  Owing to its smart system of engineering using hinges and angles, DoorJammer converts any horizontal force exerted on the door from the outside, into a vertical force, anchoring the DoorJammer firmly into the ground, easily preventing kick-ins, shoulder slams and any forcible attempt to enter. Unlike an alarm system, DoorJammer actually prevents a criminal from gaining entry.





As compact as an i-phone, DoorJammer’s adjustable foot, situated at the end of its hinged leg, ensures it will not slip and allows it be installed on any type of floor; flat or inclined, stone, hardwood , carpet, tiles and even linoleum.  In case of an emergency, the DoorJammer is easily removed, and by pulling the device upwards, it will unlock itself from the secure position without any effort.



Directions on how to Use DoorJammer

•      Insert DoorJammer’s bottom ledge into the space under the door

•      Twist DoorJammer’s bolt clockwise until its engagement foot is fully secured  Emergency pull off: simply pull the DoorJammer  upwards



DoorJammer is available online at price €29.99

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