Government Can No Longer Claim That Pylon Project Is Due To EU Demands

Government Can No Longer Claim That Pylon Project Is Due To EU Demands As European Commission Announce Non Binding Renewable Energy Targets For 2030 – Jim Higgins MEP For Midlands-north-west

Later this morning the Commission will publish its 2030 Energy Framework. Higgins confirmed that his sources within the Energy Commissioner’s cabinet have confirmed the accuracy of leaked versions of the document. The leaked versions of the document suggest that the proposal will not implement binding targets for member states’ renewable energy use and production.

Jim Higgins welcomed the U-turn by the Commission, which had not always favoured non-binding energy targets. “At one point the Commission floated the idea of a binding renewable energy target of 30%!”

Higgins praised the common sense approach adopted by the Commission which will allow member states to manage their own energy affairs and ensure that energy bills remain as low as possible. “Non-binding targets recognise the practical problems for member states attempting to increase their production of renewable energy. This isn’t a policy decision that can be made at EU level, increased dependence on renewables means putting a renewable energy infrastructure in place – such as giant wind turbines and pylons.”

“Today’s proposal seriously weakens the Government’s argument that Europe is twisting their arm to update our infrastructure. As far as the Commission’s concerned, national governments will have no obligation to expand renewable energy use or production.”

However Higgins believes that this U-turn at EU level will have little impact on our national plans. “Eirgrid was never about meeting EU targets, it’s about exporting energy for profit and the EU was just a scapegoat!”

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