EU doubles food aid fund for Ireland’s homeless

Focus Ireland, Crosscare and Twist Soup Kitchens are among the numerous organisations set to benefit from an EU decision to more than double a fund used to help the homeless and others living on the margins.

Ireland’s share of the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived – known as FEAD – is set to increase from €1.5 million to €3.5 million. The funding will come into effect in March and will run until 2020.

The move comes after MEPs approved an initiative spearheaded by Labour’s Emer Costello to maintain and boost the amount of aid going to the swelling numbers of people living in poverty. Speaking from Strasbourg, Ms Costello said it’s really positive news for agencies in Ireland that give out food parcels and other aid to the needy.

“Unfortunately as we know, so many organisations are particularly stretched now due to the increased demand on their services. Although   €3.5 million is still relatively small, it  can be used as leverage with other groups to garner funding,” said the Labour MEP.

Ms Costello said another very constructive element of the EU package is the development of “synergies” with major supermarkets and retailers whereby they donate their unwanted food to charity. Money from the FEAD fund can be used to facilitate transport and storage of food donations, thus preventing food waste.


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