Jobs Bonanza in Local Government

If one was to ask the general public would they like to improve their community, their town and county then one would get a resounding yes. Ask those who are unemployed would they like a job and you will in the vast majority of cases get a resounding yes. Ask those same people would they like a wage of between 25 and 75 thousand euro per year and I would say yet again that one would get a resounding yes. Well here is the good news. On May 23rd such jobs are up for grabs – 949 of them in fact including 40 in County Tipperary, 19 in County Offaly, 19 in County Laois and 40 in County Limerick. On May 24th we will know who has been successful. The jobs are with your local Council. Running it in fact!

Given that there is mass unemployment one would expect a stampede for these same lucrative and influential jobs, however as of yet less than 1500 hundred people have shown an interest. This baffles me given that for every other job that comes on the market, whether that is as a block layer, teacher, road sweeper or chef, the number of applicants far outweighs the number of positions. In some cases the ratio of applicants to jobs available is as high as over 1000 to 1.

So is it the case that all of these positions are going to turn out to be yet more ‘jobs for the boys or girls’? Well the interesting thing about the application process for these particular jobs is that it is as open and transparent as possible. The jobs are openly advertised. The application process is covered wall to wall by local and national media in the last 4 weeks running up to when the successful applicants are announced. The most important thing to say about these jobs is that it is the general public which decides on the result. 

So will you apply? Next Saturday March 15th at 11am in the Shamrock Lodge Hotel Athlone a two and half hour long seminar will take place at which the application process will be thoroughly explained. The only qualifications needed to apply are an ability to speak in public coupled with a passion to improve how this country does its business. The jobs are spread all over the country from Donegal to Cork.
Luke Ming Flanagan TD


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