Corrigan Brothers Launch Innovative Bespoke Music Product “Your Song”

Corrigan Brothers, the band from Puckane who have charted all over the world and have exceeded over ten million YouTube hits with a string of hits as diverse as “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” to “I’m Pebbles Boyle , spare a thought for me” the song about Susan Boyle’s cat that many of her fan sites brought a tear to Susan’s eye have launched “Your Song”, a new song writing service.

The Brothers, who are signed to Decca records in the USA and Universal music in Europe came up with the idea in recent months. Guitarist and songwriter with the group Brian Corrigan explains the background. “We are frequently asked to write customised songs for events and we were recently contacted by a fan of ours  in Boston to write a song for a wedding proposal to his girlfriend, which we did and it was a great success. It resulted in her accepting his marriage proposal. He just gave us an outline of what he would like to express in the song and we wrote the lyrics and melody and it turned out really well. Similarly we have done a few 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th birthday songs recently. They have been received very well. It is a nice gift to receive. We are now working on a song groom to be to play at his wedding reception for his wife.”

cbsThe Brothers have had so many requests that they are launching the service formally. Called “Your Song”, it is a very simple process. You simply email and put “Your Song” in the subject, write a brief note about your requirement and the Corrigan Brothers production team will contact you for a consultation. You decide if you want a ballad, a rock number,a rap or something classical and the Brothers will produce a unique song for you on mp3 and professional CD. You will be consulted all through the process.

Brian continued “It is a relatively inexpensive and very unique gift, it is a one off way of way of doing something special for someone. We have already completed songs for sports clubs in the USA, a rugby team in Canada,  Birthdays, Graduations and Weddings as well as Engagements and for Wedding Proposals and we are currently working on a song to celebrate a 100th birthday for a lady in New York”.

If you wish to give the gift of a special song to someone then contact the production team at and the team will contact you and start the process of creating something really special for someone important in your life.

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