Book Launch By Joe Terry

The Undoing of Luke O’Reilly Book Description

The Undoing of Luke O’Reilly is primarily written from the vantage point of the protagonist LUKE O’REILLY. The story exposes aspects of the nature of high personal expectations in an obscure society during the period of Ireland’s economic Celtic Tiger boom. Luke is representative of the “must have everything now” malady sweeping the country. Casting caution aside, he sets about attaining fulfillment

Book Launch By Joe Terry

A New Book: The Undoing of Luke O’Reilly

to his selfish aims. Over sixty years of age, and bearing a high opinion of himself, he is determined to make the best of the remaining time of his twilight years. The story reveals his inner motivations and ensuing actions. Returning from a business trip abroad, he meets a Philippine nurse traveling to Cork to take up an appointment. Some time later, when he is confined to hospital, they meet again. An extramarital relationship develops between them, leading to complicated worries for Luke. In time, he is swept away by forces outside of his conscious control.

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