FF To Support A Minority FG Government: 5/1

With a General Election having finally being called for Friday February 26th, BoyleSports is offering 5/1 that Fine Gael will publicly support Fianna Fail.

In the past 24 hours the odds on a Fine Gael minority government have hardened into 4/1 from 5/1, with a Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil government favourite at 7/4 but also on the slide from 13/8. Another outsider that has seen support is the next government to be made up Fine Gael/Labour/Social Democrats which is now 16/1 from 22/1.

BoyleSports has also priced up a market on whether there will be another General Election called within the next 12 months. It’s 1/10 for this not to happen, but punters are very interested in the 11/2 that’s available for the public to be asked to go to the polls for a second time in a year.

BoyleSports election ambassador Shane Coleman said “Looking at the most recent polls, there is no obvious government emerging. One possibility that is being tentatively talked about in political circles is the option of a Fine Gael minority government – with or without Labour – being supported from the outside by Fianna Fáil. A ‘Tallaght Strategy Mark II’. There’s a perception out there that the 1987 Tallaght Strategy was disastrous for Fine Gael, but the party actually went up five seats in the general election of 1989.”

“While not without risks for Fianna Fáil, such an arrangement would allow FF to present itself as putting the nation before party politics – doing the right thing for the country as an atonement for past errors. It would also mean it didn’t need to leave the leadership of the opposition to Sinn Féin. Could it happen? It’s clearly more unlikely than likely. Against that, there’s no other obvious outcome at the moment”

Shane will be highlighting the best election bets during the campaign for BoyleSports customers.

Leon Blanche, BoyleSports Head of Communications said “We are happy to currently stand the price of a Fine Gael/Labour government at 4/1 as they would need to gain a lot of ground to get a majority between them before the election.”

He added “There’s so many possibilities this time around that’s it’s very hard to call but FG/FF (7/4) or FG/Lab/Soc Dems/Any others (9/1) would be the ones that our traders are currently trying to keep on side whilst a FG/Lab/Soc Dems government could also be a dark horse having been backed into 16/1 from 22/1.”

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