IFA Executive Council Decides Presidential Elections Will Be Under One Member One Vote

The IFA Executive Council has agreed a number of rule changes ahead of the national elections that will take place in April.


The Executive Council has decided to move to One Member One Vote (OMOV), instead of a weighted branch vote, for the election of the next President and Deputy President of the IFA. Following a discussion about the system to elect the Regional Chairman, the Council has decided to retain the existing system, which is election by the County Executives within each region.


Members of the Executive Council also agreed to formally adopt the rule change to allow for 2 two-year terms for all national officer positions. This had been agreed in principle at the January meeting.Tuesday’s meeting also decided to prohibit the use of proxy voting at the Presidential and Deputy Presidential elections in April.


IFA National Returning Officer Jer Bergin has encouraged farmers to attend the Association’s Election debates between candidates for the positions of President and Deputy President, which will take place over the next eight weeks before members vote in April.


Jer Bergin said the debates in IFA’s County Executives are an opportunity for all IFA members to hear presentations from the candidates and to participate in an open forum discussion on farming issues.  He said, “The IFA election is unique as it allows every member the chance to hear what candidates are offering, and then they have a vote in the national contest”.


The IFA Returning Officer said each of the 29 County Executives would be represented in the debates.   North Tipperary IFA has the honour of hosting the first debate of this election next Monday, 8thFebruary.


The schedule for the next fortnight is:


North Tipperary                                  Racket Hall, Roscrea                                                                    Mon 8th Feb

West Cork                                    Parkway Hotel, Dunmanway                                                               Tues 9th Feb

Cork Central                                 Oriel Hotel, Ballincollig, Cork                                                               Wed 10th Feb

Waterford                                       Lawlors Hotel, Dungarvan                                                                 Thurs 11th Feb

North Cork                                        GAA Complex, Mallow                                                                   Mon 15th Feb

Kerry                                          Ballygarry House Hotel, Tralee                                                              Tues 16th Feb

Limerick                                          Woodlands Hotel, Adare                                                                  Wed 17th Feb

Clare                                             Auburn Lodge Hotel, Ennis                                                                 Thurs 18th Feb

                                                                                                                                                                                  Three candidates are running for President: IFA Livestock Chairman Henry Burns, IFA Farm Business rep from Galway Joe Healy and IFA Rural Development Chairman Flor McCarthy.

 Nominations for the positions of Deputy President and Regional Chairman will close at 5.30pm on this evening.

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