Bed Beats Breakfast In The Battle Of The Morning Routine

A survey conducted by multivitamin brand, Pharmaton Active Life, has found that despite the increased awareness of the importance of breakfast, almost one third of  Irish people still regularly miss it (27%), with lack of time being the main reason (35%). In order to tackle this, and help people form a good morning routine, Pharmaton Active Life has teamed up with Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones and is calling on the nation to set their clocks a little earlier and make breakfast a healthy habit this year better mental and physical performance!


The research also found that we are a country of sleepy heads with 40% of people admitting to preferring an extra push of the snooze button over breakfast, which can contribute to poorer physical and mental performance throughout the day. 70% of those surveyed said when they fail to eat breakfast it has an impact on their mood and mental performance, with irritability and a lack of concentration the most common complaints.


Of those who make time for the most important meal of the day, porridge is their breakfast of choice, with fruit obtaining 40% of the vote. Over half (58%) of those surveyed eat breakfast on the go with just under a third (30%) eating breakfast at their desks.


27% of respondents admitted to regularly missing breakfast and 76% of people notice the effects of missing breakfast on both mental and physical performance. 76% of people suggested that missing the first meal of the day affects them physically leading to increased snacking and a lack of energy throughout the day. These results become apparent as the blood sugar levels are naturally low in the morning and without breakfast, they will remain low throughout the morning which leads to the side effects outlined in the research. According to Elsa, skipping breakfast also means we are more likely to make poor food choices later in the day as our body is looking for a quick pick me up. These usually come in the form of caffeine and snacks high in sure e.g. breakfast bars, scones and can cause and imbalance in blood sugar levels, in turn affecting energy and hunger levels for the remainder of the day.


A daily dose of Pharmaton Active Life caplet is packed with vitamins, minerals and the unique Ginseng G115 to help sustain energy levels when taken every day, as part of a good morning routine.


Speaking as part of the Pharmaton Active Life good morning routine campaign, Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones said: ‘It is really important that we make breakfast part of our morning routine. After a long night sleep, breakfast is needed to refuel the body and brain for the busy day ahead.  We are encouraging people to get into the routine of eating breakfast and savouring those first few moments at the start of each day to pave the way for positivity, productivity and sustained energy levels and ensure optimum physical and mental performance throughout the day.

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