Is The New Social Network For Primary School Kids is the First Safe Educational Social Network designed specifically for Primary School Kids. Through in-built security software allows kids to use social media in a controlled and safe environment without the fear of harassment or cyberbullying, empowering them to protect their own wellbeing, promoting self-awareness and awareness of others. This is the first social media network which uses Behavioural Technology and SMART content filters, to positively educate kids use of social media in a positive way. It is the first proactive rather than reactive solution to cyber-bullying.
CyberSmarties, works across all IOS and ANALOG devices including IPADS, mobiles etc allowing children to make friends with other kids across Ireland based not on how they look or what group they belong to but what they have in common in sports, music and other interests and who they are as individuals. It also allows Teachers to submit homework for their students to view at home after school, cutting down on books and the inevitability of the child forgetting their homework. Irish kids are falling behind by European standards  in digital awareness and Cybersmarties aims to bridge that gap through its it s creative safe space for kids to make friends, do homework, play games, jokes and create pictures, art and music. runs in tandem with the SPHE curriculum in Primary Schools and its guidebook has been written by Pat Courtney, former National Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator, SPHE, Dept of Education. The Education Dept of the University of Limerick are currently writing an academic paper on the positive results on child behaviour as a result of using

Diarmuid Hudner, the CEO of is the author of the “Im Happy Now.Com”, a Teacher and Student Resource for Secondary Schools and “Bullying & Other Emotional Issues – A Practical Guide for Primary Schools Teachers”, both of which are endorsed by the Education Dept, University of Limerick and Pat Courtney, former National Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator SPHE, Dept of Education. Mr Hudner was also a keynote speaker at MEP Sean Kelly’s nationwide conferences on cyber-bullying.

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