The Carmichael Centre Launches The Good Governance Awards For The Not-for-Profit Sector.

The Carmichael Centre supported by the Charities Regulator, Volunteer Ireland, ICTR and by Davy are very pleased to announce the launch of the Good Governance Awards. The Awards Ceremony which will take place on the 18th October will highlight governance excellence in the not-for-profit sector in Ireland.

These awards will facilitate the promotion and recognition of good governance practice and help to increase public trust in the sector. Charities and other voluntary and community organisations play a vital role in our lives and they command enormous public trust and confidence. This is reflected in the generosity with which people in Ireland give their time and money to the charities they support.


Voluntary and community organisations are driven by altruistic values and working for public benefit. The sector is increasingly expected by funders, supporters and the public to demonstrate how well we are governed. They also have legal requirement to comply with the relevant legislation and regulations that apply to their sector and activities. Good governance is a vital part of how voluntary and community organisations operate and are held accountable. These awards will demonstrate to the public and the sector alike that this is indeed taking place.


Speaking at the launch of the Carmichael Centre Good Governance Awards, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí CEO Carmichael Centre said ‘On behalf of the sector, I’m delighted to announce these awards and I’m also exceptionally pleased to welcome on board the Charities Regulator, Volunteer Ireland, ICTR and Davy as supporters in promoting this initiative. This demonstrates the widespread sector support for this initiative and also for the promotion of Good Governance standards and practice’.


Also commenting on the launch, John Farrelly CEO of the Charities Regulator said ‘As we look to increase public trust and confidence in the management and administration of charitable trusts and charitable organisations, I think it is only right that we acknowledge the good work being done by so many groups in maintaining good governance standards. Under the Charities Act 2009 we as a regulator have an obligation to encourage and facilitate the better administration and management of charitable organisations.


Every day, good people are doing good work and making a difference. By helping to ensure that organisations are compliant with their obligations and regulations, we maintain public confidence in the sector and ensure that this good work can continue into the future. ’


The web site which will act a central hub for this initiative will be launched shortly. This will contain the entry criteria and categories, the panel of judges and guidance on how to take part is this important initiative.

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