Revenue Offers Some Timely Advice To Shoppers

In the busy run up to Christmas, Revenue is advising shoppers to be wary. Some deals really are just too good to be true, and what looks like an attractive offer can ultimately be an expensive or even a dangerous, mistake. The important things to remember are:

  • Online Shopping has Tax and Duty Implications

Whether your purchases originate outside the EU or in another EU Member State, online shopping can have tax and duty implications, and you may be liable for tax and duty on your online purchases when your goods arrive. All goods from non-EU Member States are liable to tax and duty on arrival here. Last year, Revenue officers in postal depots nationwide applied charges to more than 70,0000 parcels, adding an average €33 in tax and duty per parcel.

Alcohol or tobacco products bought online or by mail order are liable to tax and duty on arrival in the State, whether they originate in another EU Member State, or outside the EU. A case of wine for sale online at €60 might look like a great deal.  However, if the price is low, tax and duty have probably not been paid and Revenue may seize the wine on arrival. You are liable for the tax and duty.  Excise duty and VAT on an average case of 12 bottles of wine originating in another EU country will add more than €60 bringing the price you actually pay to over €120.

  • Counterfeit Goods are Illegal and can be Dangerous

The counterfeit trade operates in the shadow economy evading tax, translating into lost revenue for legitimate businesses and their employees, loss of jobs, and often funding organised criminal gangs.  There are no health and safety standards in the counterfeit business, so these fake products are often unsafe, or even dangerous.

Revenue seizes counterfeit goods at import or export. This means that you will loose your goods and your money, and it’s very unlikely that a seller who trades in fake goods will refund your loss.

In short, that advice is to be careful – if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!

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