David Hall, ICare Housing, welcomes mortgage-to-rent scheme changes

David Hall, CEO, ICare Housing and Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation:

“Today’s announcement from Minister Coveney on the changes to the mortgage to rent criteria is very welcome.

There are 35,000 families in mortgage arrears of greater than two years and many can’t afford their mortgage and face repossession. Given the current housing crisis, it is imperative that we try and keep these families in their homes.  Over the past seven months we have been working with many stakeholders to establish an approved housing body, Icare Housing, to buy these homes. This is a not-for-profit body.

Today’s changes will mean we can now progress and seek applicants.  I estimate that it will allow an additional 3000 families be eligible for mortgage to rent.

We will now start seeking suitable properties to purchase through Icare Housing, a voluntary housing body we have established for this purpose.

This is a good day and I would strongly encourage anyone in mortgage arrears to engage with a trusted third party. If you want to see if you are eligible for mortgage-to-rent contact me at david@mortgageholders.ie

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