Used Car Market Breaks One Million In 2016

Vehicle history and data expert reports that used transactions for private cars were in excess of 1 million transactions in 2016 – the highest level since Cartell started recording results. considered all transactions for private cars (including imports) in the market in 2016 including private to private sales, imported by private, trade to trade sales, trade-ins, and trade to private transactions. The total number of transactions for the year was 1,014,376 up from 943,995 in 2015 (+7%). next examined the total number of transactions in the used market for all vehicle types and found that 2016 had been a record year with 1,200,695. This was up from 1,125,816 in 2015 (+7%).

John Byrne, Legal and Public Relations Manager, says:

“The used vehicle market had a record year in 2016. We recorded over 1 million transactions for private cars – the first time we have reached this milestone since started recording results. Overall the used market was up 7% year-on-year and we anticipate further growth in 2017.

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