AA Now Offering Breakdown Assistance on Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

  • AA Ireland partners with Kia Ireland to provide AA Rescue cover to anyone purchasing a Kia Niro.
  • Breakdown cover provider highlights that hybrid and electric vehicles develop similar breakdown issues to conventional vehicles.

AA Ireland has today announced a partnership with Kia Ireland to provide breakdown assistance to those who purchase the new Kia Niro Hybrid, marking a significant step forward for the motoring organisation and the future of the industry in Ireland.

AA Now Offering Breakdown Assistance on Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Dave Murphy, Business Services Manager with AA Ireland (left) and David O’Connor, Head of Aftersales with Kia Ireland

The partnership, which will see those purchasing the Kia Niro Hybrid receive 3 years breakdown assistance is the latest move by AA Ireland to expand its presence in the hybrid/electric car breakdowns sector. Encouraged by international trends highlighting growing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, the AA has also invested significantly in ensuring that its breakdown technicians have received training in the latest car technologies.

“AA handles thousands of car breakdowns every month in all weathers. We are starting to see electric cars turning up in our calls for assistance. Simple things can go wrong for any driver whether the car is electric or not. Keys lost or locked inside, punctures and other problems. Electric cars have some specific challenges but AA Patrols are trained and carry special equipment and are always available to help,” David Murphy, Business Services Manager at AA Ireland stated.

“We’re delighted to announce this new partnership with Kia and help play a role in guaranteeing a stress free experience for Niro owners, even if the worst happens and a breakdown occurs.” “Hybrid and electric vehicles are certainly the future of motoring in Ireland but the AA is committed to ensuring that those who currently own these types of car won’t suffer any consequences if a breakdown strikes.”

While more and more electric and hybrid cars are expected to appear on Irish roads in the coming years, AA Rescue added that hybrid and electric vehicles develop very similar breakdown issues to conventional vehicles, such as punctured tyres, in addition to unique issues such as loss of charge.

“We have a proud record of fixing 80% of breakdowns which we’re called out to on the side of the road, and while the technology may change we’re certain this record will only continue to improve moving forward,” Murphy added. “Our roadside technicians are consistently being trained on the latest developments in motoring technology to ensure that, irrespective of what car you’re driving, we can always help you.”

The Kia partnership represents the one of many ventures the motoring organisation has planned for 2017 in order to cater to emerging technology in the motor industry. Within the coming months, AA Ireland expects to launch a trial of dongle device which can be fitted to any car in order to track a motorist’s driving habits and, in the near future, assist in the early detection of future breakdown issues.

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