Ibec Sets Out Business Priorities And Solutions For The Irish Government

Following the appointment of a new Taoiseach and his cabinet, Ibec, the group that represents Irish business, has published a set of briefs outlining the business priorities for each ministerial portfolio.

Launching the cabinet briefs, Danny McCoy, CEO of Ibec, stated: “In the global race for investment, it is critical that Ireland does not lag behind its competitors when it comes to infrastructure investment and the cost of doing business. Today we have launched our business priorities and solutions for the Irish Government, so as to ensure our reputation as a competitive and world-class business destination is maintained. The country is at the very bottom of the EU league table for infrastructure spend, yet we have the fastest growing population. There has never been a more cost effective time for Government to borrow money, and despite the many uncertainties we face, there is no reason not to be confident about the Irish economy’s potential for growth and continued success. The strength and substance of the Irish business model means that if the Government puts in place the right conditions, Ireland and its businesses are well poised for the challenges ahead. We look forward to working with the Taoiseach and his Cabinet on the business priorities and solutions that we have proposed today.”

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