Reflection And Remembrance: Pieta House’s ‘Misneach’ Event Returns This November

Pieta House’s annual ‘Misneach’ event returns for its second year to Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, and Edenderry on November 26th.

Creating a space for us to both honour and celebrate those we have lost, and to reconnect with our loved ones, ‘Misneach’ is timed to fall between November, traditionally a time for remembrance and reflection, and December, a month of celebration, hope, and joy. The event is designed to nourish hope, lift spirits, and help welcome the Christmas season with a sense of optimism and promise.

Misneach is a free, non-denominational event, and all are welcome to attend. This year’s venues are as follows:

 Unitarian Church, Dublin, 5pm
– Parish Centre, Edenderry, 5pm
– Pieta House Cork, 4pm
– Mungret Church, Limerick, 4pm
– The Augustinian Church, Galway, 3.30pm

Speaking on the upcoming event, Pieta House CEO Brian Higgins touched on the symbolism of the timing of Misneach, saying, “We chose the end of November to allow people to approach Christmas feeling hopeful. On the day, we will move together from remembrance, honour and reflection, into hope, joy and celebration.”

He added that the event embodies the values of Pieta House, saying, “Our approach is rooted in compassion and care, we generate and nourish hope, and we seek to empower everyone who comes through our doors. Misneach is symbolic of all of that, down to its name, which is an ancient Irish word meaning ‘hope and courage’. With Misneach, we wanted to create a space for those who have been bereaved by suicide to reflect on and celebrate the lives of those they have lost, but everyone is welcome. Misneach is also for those who have come through our services, or for anyone who has overcome or is going through their own struggles, as a celebration of their strength and courage. We would like to think that the event will also appeal to anyone who has supported a loved one through a dark time, or indeed anyone who has supported us in our work.”

Misneach takes place on Sunday, November 26th in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Edenderry, and Galway. The events are free, but people will be able to make a donation on the day if they wish. Pre-booking is required for Dublin only, with tickets available via Eventbrite.

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