First Female Chairperson Elected To CIF Galway Branch

The CIF would like to congratulate Tara Flynn of Paul Flynn Construction Ltd. on her election as Chair of the CIF Galway branch.

Justin Molloy Regional Director, Midlands and Western Region said:

“In an industry that is trying to encourage more women to take up careers in construction it is good to see that the CIF Galway branch has elected its first ever female Chairperson. Tara Flynn has been involved in many aspects of branch activities in recent years demonstrating her ability and commitment to the development of the industry in the west of Ireland.”

First Female Chairperson Elected To CIF Galway Branch

Tara Flynn, Chairperson of the Galway Branch

“Since becoming involved in branch activities Tara has worked tireless on behalf of the members, she has been the main driver in promoting branch networking and social events, and gives freely of her time to represent the views of the branch on a variety of national and regional committees. I have no doubt that Tara will be a very effective Chair and a great addition to the CIF Galway branch.”

Newly elected CIF Galway branch Chairperson Tara Flynn said:

“I am truly honoured to be the first female CIF Chairperson of the Western Region and will do my very best for our members while I am in this role. One of my aims as CIF chair is to try and increase our membership in the Western region. I would also like to see an increase in female participation within the construction industry, I think having more women involved in this sector will help change the industry for the better. Women make great leaders and we are all equal in this business.”

“It is very encouraging to see there are a number of major projects coming on board, which will give a major boast to the Western region,” Tara Flynn added. “I am hopeful that Apple will still proceed with their project in Athenry. It was regrettable that they had objections as they have invested heavily in this project and it would be a major game changer for the West of Ireland.”

The outgoing Chairman of the CIF Galway branch Paul Stewart of Stewart Construction is the 4th generation of Stewarts to manage the Stewart Construction company, which was established back in 1902. Paul became Chairperson of the CIF Galway branch 50 years after his father, Seán Stewart, had done so, while Pauls’ great-grandfather, James Stewart, was one of the founding members of the CIF back in 1935.

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