Workshop For Women To Boost Confidence and Empowerment

As New Year resolutions are being made throughout the country this week, a Limerick-based company is offering people the chance to acquire the tools to achieve their goals in 2018.

S4U was founded in 2017 and specialise in providing wellbeing and empowerment training and team building programmes for corporates, individuals and educational bodies.

Workshop For Women To Boost Confidence and Empowerment

Srdan Kovarcevic of S4U

And they are kicking off their 2018 schedule on January 17 next with the ‘Stay Safe Workshop’, aimed at women who wish to make a change to their attitude and lifestyle.

The two-hour lunchtime event will focus on promoting awareness and self- empowerment for women in a various areas including domestic, work place and social settings.

Co-directors Srdan Kovacevic and Patrick Barry set up S4U to promote positive well-being in the workplace and at home and a more proactive attitude amongst people who are looking to change the way they deal with everyday stresses in life.

“The main idea behind S4U is to help promote the idea of a healthy body equals a healthy mind,” co-founder and director Mr Kovacevic explained. “We want to help those who need and want to make a crucial lifestyle change. At the beginning of the year, many of us are thinking about what kind of changes we can make. We are here to help our clients focus on their goals, and set a plan in motion so they can achieve everything they set out to do. We help our clients to make positive changes in their lives and to manage their stress in a better way,” he said.

Workshop For Women To Boost Confidence and Empowerment

Patrick Barry of S4U

Co-founder Patrick Barry said their workshops are designed to help individuals be at their physical peak through the implementation of a system of fitness-based exercises along with self-empowerment style techniques, positive affirmations and de-escalation scenarios.

“Our aim is always to deliver improved mindfulness, stress release and management, and a rise in self-confidence. The upcoming workshop will give attendees a starting point on how to begin to adapt so that they can feel more empowered and confident.  And when you feel more confident, you can do almost anything you put your mind to.”

“We will be providing attendees with a skillset of empowerment techniques so that they can protect themselves and their loved ones in the presence of danger,” said Mr Barry.

S4U deliver a tailored wellness programmes for a growing number of corporate clients called ‘Excel- Body and Mind’ which are a series of proactive situational awareness and self-empowerment based lectures, seminars and workshops with direct coaching from their team of qualified instructors.

“If your employees are happy and thriving, so is you company,” said Mr Barry.

Stay Safe Workshop takes place on Wednesday January 17 in Roselawn House, Castletroy, Limerick from 12pm to 2pm.  Admission costs €25. To sign up for the course, or to make enquiries contact S4U on 061-633297 or by email at

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