New Book Released To Commemorate Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness: The Man I Knew, as told by neighbours, community leaders, politicians, and a former US President.

It has been a year since the death of Martin McGuinness made the front page of many media outlets around the world.  A new book, Martin McGuinness: The Man I Knew, released to commemorate the first anniversary of the passing of one of Ireland’s most iconic politicians, allows the world the opportunity to learn what people both sides of the divide really thought of the former Northern Ireland deputy first minister and ex-IRA commander.

New Book Released To Commemorate Martin McGuinness

Book Release: Martin McGuinness, The Man I Knew

Author Jude Collins shows how, to some, McGuinness was a terrorist, a figure of hate, while to others he was a hero who helped bring about lasting peace in his journey from freedom fighter to respected politician. Martin McGuinness: The Man I Knew eschews both extremes and seeks to provide a portrait of a real person. In it, those who knew Martin from both sides of the political divide talk frankly about the man himself. Senator George Mitchell comments on the role McGuinness played during the peace process; Eileen Paisley speaks of the unlikely friendship that developed between him and her husband, Ian; Gerry Adams remembers the man who for so many years was his closest ally. With contributions from former Assistant Chief Constable Peter Sheridan, lifelong friend Mitchel McLaughlin and former Ulster Unionist MLA Michael McGimpsey, among others, as well as the moving eulogy given by Bill Clinton at his funeral, this book offers a varied and fascinating portrait of a man who helped shape Ireland’s recent history.


Published by Mercier Press, Martin McGuinness: The Man I Knew, will be available nationwide and online from Wednesday 21 March 2018. ISBN 9781781176016. RRP €14.99, £12.50.

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