Mixer Wagon Rental Scheme Luanched To Support Irish Farmers Affected By Drought

Summer 2018 has proved very challenging for Irish farmers. Unpredicted drought conditions have resulted in extreme difficulties for farmers feeding their livestock, and many have been forced to incorporate a range of different forages and concentrates into their animal’s diets. In response to this, KEENAN is giving farmers who do not own or have access to a mixer wagon the opportunity to rent a KEENAN machine, to help deal with the difficulties in feeding their livestock. The rentals are from a stock of recent KEENAN trade-in machines.

Mixer Wagon Rental Scheme Luanched To Support Irish Farmers Affected By Drought

The KEENAN MechFiber34E140 is an example of the stock of used mixer wagons available to in the rental scheme.

“Livestock farmers are facing a severe fodder crisis this winter due to a drought-induced absence of grass. The current situation is unprecedented and is causing significant financial pressures on farms and huge stress for farmers,” said Matt Higgins, KEENAN commercial director. “We were prompted to take action as we have been inundated with calls from across the country from farmers who are actively looking for support on this crisis.”


The KEENAN mixer wagon rental proposal gives farmers who do not own a mixer wagon the opportunity to rent a machine for three months.

“Although there are some changes predicted in the weather forecast, the extreme impact of the last two months of dry conditions will continue to affect farmers for the coming months,” said Higgins.


To assist farmers with evaluating their feeding options and to generate a feed budget for the coming months, the rental scheme also includes the opportunity for farmers to benefit from an InTouch on-farm visit, paired with continual InTouch support from a team of leading nutritionists.


“By providing farmers with an option to rent a KEENAN mixer wagon and utilise the InTouch nutrition support service for three months, we hope this will instill some control back to the farmers and, in turn, get them back on track for the winter ahead,” said Higgins.

To avail of the KEENAN mixer wagon rental scheme, contact your local representative:

Cathal Gibbons, sales manager, Ireland — responsible for the midlands region

Tel.: +353 87 823 0128

Gareth McAllister, regional sales manager, Northern Ireland

Tel.: + 00 44 7849 098544

Melvyn Dowling, regional sales manager, Southeast Ireland

Tel.: + 353 87 149 0149

David Nolan, regional sales manager, Southwest Ireland

Tel.: +353 87 052 2573

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