Charity encourages people from Laois to avail of its services if they’re lonely, depressed, or anxious over Christmas

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, is encouraging people from Laois to avail of its free counselling sessions, free support groups and free ‘Thought Catcher’ mood diary over the Christmas period. The charity’s CEO, Fiona O’Malley, said that many people can struggle over Christmas with anxiety, grief, depression, loneliness, and difficult family dynamics.

“If anyone needs Turn2Me’s services, please, please, please use them – that’s what they’re there for!” Fiona O’Malley said, “Some people who sign up for our services say they were initially hesitant because they didn’t want to ‘take away’ a slot from someone who might be worse off than them. Our support groups can facilitate large numbers and they run most evenings at 6pm. It’s not a matter of taking a slot away from someone else if you sign up. Mental health services should be accessible to everyone. Oftentimes when people delay seeing a therapist or put off signing up for a support group, their mental health difficulties can exacerbate so I would definitely tell people not to wait. We should all prioritise our mental health. It impacts every single element of our life. Turn2Me offers up to six free counselling sessions; unlimited, free support groups and a free ‘Thought Catcher’ mood diary which runs every day from 2pm until 8pm.”

Turn2Me runs one-to-one counselling and support groups 365 days a year, including on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Stephen’s Day. The charity stated that anyone feeling lonely, anxious, depressed, or struggling with grief can avail of their free mental health supports on their website, Turn2Me runs daily support groups on anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues and stress at 6pm. It is also running ‘Christmas Blues’ support groups from the 25th December until the 1st January. Anyone who wants to avail of Turn2Me’s free, professional mental health services over the Christmas period can sign up on 

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