Slight Fall In Cost Of Running A Car As Insurance Prices FalL – AA Ireland

Average cost of running a family car for a year is €10,671.37, a decrease of €178.05 compared to 2016. Stable fuel prices along with 10.2% drop in motor insurance prices key factors in declining cost. The average cost of running a family car for a year is €10,671.37 according to the AA’s annual survey of […]

Only 37% Of Motorists Take Out Excess Insurance When Hiring A Car – AA Ireland

Research carried out by AA Ireland has found that 1 in 3 motorists are planning on hiring a car while abroad this year, but only 37% of the motorists have taken out excess insurance when hiring a car in the past. Reasons identified for this were cost and lack of necessity. The research, which was […]

Over 60% Of Motorists Have Seen Cost Of Insurance Increase By At Least 15%

AA Motor Insurance survey finds that 3 in 5 motorists have seen their premiums jump by at least 15% compared to their renewal in the previous year. Almost 14% of motorists have seen no increase or a reduction in their premiums. AA advises motorists that shopping around vital to getting the best deal. Over 64% […]

70% Of Motorists Supportive Of New Drink Driving Proposals – AA Ireland

Almost 70% of motorists are supportive of the proposed changes to the Road Traffic (Fixed Penalty-Drink Driving) Bill 2017, according to an AA Motor Insurance survey. The survey, which was conducted in April 2017, found that 47.36% of the 3,000 participants were very supportive of Shane Ross’ proposals. Another 21% of respondents said that they […]

Almost Half Of Motorists Encounter Motorists Using Phones While Driving Daily

51% of over 3,000 motorists surveyed by AA Car Insurance stated they see other drivers using their phone at the wheel on a daily basis Further 28% of motorists see the behaviour on a very regular basis; just 5% have never seen a driver on their phone while driving. Almost half of Irish motorists encounter […]

Men 50% more likely to think it’s acceptable to lie to an insurer

Keeping mum on penalty points among motorists’ top 5 tolerable falsehoods Male motorists are 50 percent more likely than women to think it’s reasonable to lie to an insurer if it means getting a cheaper policy, it has emerged. The data is contained in an AA Motor Insurance survey in which over 8,400 motorists were […]

Motor insurance premiums up 24% on average for 25 year old women

Read our latest news release here: The AA which has conducted a review of motor insurance premiums which fall due for renewal on or after the December 21st deadline for gender neutral prices, reports that the new rates are currently in line with expect…

Beware of falling squirrels! Squirrel caused €7000 motor insurance claim.

Our colleagues in the UK AA Motor Insurance team dealt with a rather unusual claim recently involving a squirrel.  The falling animal dropped into the open topped vehicle of one of their female customers causing her to loose control in sheer fr…

43% of drivers won’t claim following a crash

More than 40% of drivers in Ireland won’t make a claim to their motor insurance provider following a crash the AA has learnt following a poll of over 7,500 motorists.   Among the main reasons cited by drivers for not claiming were a desire not to a…

Gender rules about to hit motorists hard

Article by Conor Faughnan for the Advertiser Group of regional newspapers Sex matters. It is about to matter a lot more. From December it becomes illegal for an insurance company to notice what gender you are when selling you insurance. This will have …

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