“Clocking” Surges In Ireland

1 in 10 second hand cars for sale in Ireland has a false mileage displayed according to the largest study of its kind ever conducted. The figure is even worse for cars imported from the UK where nearly 1 in 5 has an unreliable or questionable mileage reading. The study was carried out by Cartell.ie […]

Used Imports Into Ireland Up 22%

Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports today (29th June) that the numbers of used vehicles imported into Ireland this year are up 22% on last year. In the month of May imports surged by 51.23% compared to the same month last year. Likewise in April imports were up by 39% compared with April 2015. Imports were marginally […]

Written-off UK Imports Prominent In Ireland

Vehicle history expert CARTELL.IE reports on the actual numbers of written-off vehicles imported into Ireland from the United Kingdom (UK) in 2015. In a first-of-its-kind analysis – which follows-up on last night’s RTE Primetime programme – Cartell reports that 10.75% of all UK imports registered in Ireland over a 6-month-period in 2015 were previously written off in the […]

New Vehicle Market Up 22% And Used Market Up 3%

Vehicle History and Data expert Cartell.ie report the market for both new and used vehicles is up in 2016 – the increase is significant in the case of new vehicle sales. Total transactions for new vehicles stand at 33,448 in the year up to January 24. This compares to a figure of 35,355 for the whole […]

Up to 2000 stolen cars on the market in Ireland

Cartell today (July 16) is calling for the release of stolen motor vehicle data to the consumer. At present the Irish consumer has no simple way of knowing if a vehicle they plan to buy is stolen. At present the Stolen Motor Vehicle Unit of An Garda Síochána (SMVU) do not forward the stolen vehicle data to […]