4th July, Independence Day for Children with Special Needs

On Wednesday next, 4th July, children with special needs, and their parents and school support workers, will take to the streets and lay claim to the independence that should be the birth-right of these children. Unfortunately, because of the catalogue of cutbacks being imposed by the current Fine Gael/Labour government, that fundamental human right is […]

Mortgage To Rent Scheme Provides Certainty And Security For Low Income Families Most Affected By Economic Turmoil

The Government is determined to provide certainty and security for families who face the imminent prospect of repossession of their family home according to Minister for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan, TD.   Minister O’Sullivan was speaking today (28 June, 2012) at the launch of the ‘mortgage to rent’ scheme.  The scheme is specifically targeted […]

Distilled Media to create 20 new jobs before the end of 2012.

Distilled Media to create 20 new jobs before the end of 2012. [15th April 2012] Distilled Media, Ireland’s largest online publisher, has today announced they are to create 20 new jobs, growing their organisation to over 100 employees before the end of the year.   The group’s expansion is driven by some of Ireland’s most […]

The Fiscal Compact Treaty, In Ireland’s best interest?

The Fiscal Compact Treaty, In Ireland’s best interest? Would the ESM and Fiscal Compact have prevented the recession? Not according to the Economist; The pact’s rigidity would make recessions worse, and the new fiscal rule would not have kept Ireland or Spain out of trouble. Not according to the Davy Report (Bloomberg: Conall Mac Coille, […]

United Left Alliance rejects Austerity Treaty and calls for No vote in referendum

The ULA today rejected the Austerity Treaty as a bankers treaty, in continuity with the bank bailouts already made, and an attack on the living standards of ordinary people and the public services on which we depend. The ULA demands a full public debate on the treaty and will vigorously campaign for a ‘no’ vote […]

Household tax the first step to property and water taxes

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes has claimed that Government plans to introduce water taxes by 2014 mean that ordinary households will be hit with stealth taxes of 1000+ euro within two years when the combined cost of water tax and property tax are taken into account. The Campaign challenged Minister Hogan’s contention that […]

Banks Approach To Farm Families Must Maintain Viable Businesses – IFA

At the start of 2012, IFA President John Bryan has called on all banks to engage constructively with farmers and small businesses, whose debt levels are threatening the viability of otherwise sustainable businesses.   He said “IFA is promoting a loan-restructuring strategy with banks where farmers would agree to dispose of non-core assets, with the […]

Enormous Challenge Ahead for Social Housing Providers

Budget 2012 has delivered yet more difficult news for vulnerable households in need of social housing. Non-profit housing associations will be affected by both capital and revenue funding cuts which make the challenge of delivering social housing for vulnerable groups more difficult. The capital funding budget has been reduced yet again by 23% as well […]

Irish Citizen’s letter to EVERY minister in the Government

“Dear Minister, I am a typical Irish citizen, I’m 41, I work full-time as a bar manager, I pay my mortgage each month with my partner for my little terraced home in the border town of Dundalk, I pay my taxes (even though our roads are falling apart, my local hospital is all but closed, […]

Anti Eviction Taskforce Launches in Ireland

An independent group of home owners has decided to band together and unite in a concerted effort to protect all homes against repossession. The group, calling itself the Anti-Eviction Taskforce is growing in numbers at a tremendous pace. Starting with a handful of people under threat of eviction, its numbers swelled to over 200 people […]

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