Irish Food Processors Making Progress With International Retailers Like Tesco

IFA President John Bryan said that the support of multinational retailers such as Tesco in purchasing Irish produce for their international stores was vital for the well-being of our farming and food sector. He said, “Our food processors had made good progress in the last number of years in building access to international markets and […]

IFA to Take a Stand Against Failed Regulation and Flawed Legislation

IFA President John Bryan said tomorrow’s protest at Minister Richard Bruton’s office in Dublin will highlight the failed regulation and flawed legislation that has allowed the powerful multiples to dominate the food supply chain and fleece farmers to bolster their profits. He said farmers had to take a stand for their right to negotiate a […]

Increase in Agri-Food Exports Underlines Potential of Sector

IFA President John Bryan has described the strong food export figures for 2010 as further evidence of the potential of the agri-food sector to contribute to the country’s economic recovery. John Bryan said, “The provisional trade figures from the CSO today showing food and drink exports exceeding €8bn in 2010 underlines the recovery in the […]

Farmers Expect Minister Coveney to Open AEOS This Week

IFA President John Bryan has said farmers leaving REPS3 expect a new AEOS Scheme to re-open this week to give them enough time to apply before the deadline of mid-May. John Bryan said, “The renewed confidence in the sector must be supported by a new AEOS for the 10,000 farmers who want to continue environmental […]

IFA Call For Immediate Re-opening of AEOS Scheme

IFA President John Bryan has called for the immediate opening of the AEOS scheme to allow farmers assess the scheme well in advance of the Single Farm Payment application deadline of mid-May. He said the commitment given in last year’s Budget was that 10,000 farmers would be allowed into the AEOS in 2011. This number […]