February 2016 now odds on to see General Election

After previous reports of an election looming before the end of 2015, it now looks like it may be February next year when we head to the polls. Initially November 2015 was red hot at 1/3 to see an election take place, but following a fairly uplifting Budget on Tuesday the odds have drifted out […]

United Left Alliance rejects Austerity Treaty and calls for No vote in referendum

The ULA today rejected the Austerity Treaty as a bankers treaty, in continuity with the bank bailouts already made, and an attack on the living standards of ordinary people and the public services on which we depend. The ULA demands a full public debate on the treaty and will vigorously campaign for a ‘no’ vote […]

Household tax the first step to property and water taxes

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes has claimed that Government plans to introduce water taxes by 2014 mean that ordinary households will be hit with stealth taxes of 1000+ euro within two years when the combined cost of water tax and property tax are taken into account. The Campaign challenged Minister Hogan’s contention that […]