Bondholders and Gamblers welcome Property Tax

The International Bondholders and Financial Gamblers Confederation (IBFGC) has welcomed the decision by the government to impose a property tax on homeowners in the forthcoming budget, but has warned the government that they must be ready to “get tough” with non-payment levels which they expect to be “huge”. “The imposition of this tax is clearly […]

Property tax of €400 will send families over edge

Responding to reports that the government plans a property tax next year of  around €400 for an average home, the Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes (CAHWT) said this would hit hardest “young families already reeling in the recession and lead to an upsurge in non-payment levels.” Cllr Ruth Coppinger of the CAHWT said “€400 is […]

Campaigners say deduction at source of property tax ‘unworkable’

Campaigners against the household and property tax have said that any attempt by government to deduct the household tax or the new property tax at source from PAYE workers is “unworkable as long as people continue to refuse to register”. “The reason why the government wanted householders to register for this tax was because they […]

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