SPARK campaign response to Minsiter Joan Burtons’ new proposals

SPARK (Single Parents Acting for the Rights of our Kids) is a diverse group of single parents who came together after Budget 2012 to campaign against various cuts that attacked our families. Yesterday, Minister Joan Burton announced that fathers must be named on the birth certificates of all children born in Ireland to lone parents. SPARK believe that […]

SPARK- single parents response to Minister Joan Burton’s speach in Dail

SPARK is a group of single parents who came together via social media sites to form a campaign group opposed to various cuts proposed in Budget 2012. Lone parents from the SPARK campaign welcome that our hard work in our campaign, along with many other groups, has forced Minister Joan Burton and the Labour Party […]

SPARK is a campaign group of single parents, who came together on social media following the budget cuts of 2012

S.P.A.R.K. is a diverse group of single parents living inIrelandwho have united together to protect our children from the radical policy changes introduced in Budget 2012. We are here to raise awareness of the many challenges one-parent families currently face and to identify the essential supports needed to allow us equal participation in society. We […]