The Ballad of ‘Bitin’ Luis Suarez re-released by The Corrigan Brothers

Corrigan Brothers, the Puckane Band who have charted all over the world with hits such as “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” as well as their tear jerking song about Susan Boyles cat “I’m Pebbles Boyle spare a thought for me” are re releasing thier “Ballad of Luis Suarez”. Guitarist with the band […]

He’s Back – the Ballad of Luis Suarez new song by The Corrigan Brothers

The band From Limerick Ireland whose chart topper “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama” saw them attend President Obama’s Inauguration celebrate  the return of Luis Suarez with The Ballad of Luis Suarez   Luis is Back- “The Ballad of Luis Suarez”   -Corrigan Brothers   Video- The Ballad of Luis  Suarez     […]

Corrigan Brothers will release “The Gathering” on January 5th

While they may be preparing for their return visit to the USA for President Obama’s inauguration in January 2013 to perform an updated version of their international hit “There’s still no one as Irish as Barack Obama (four more years) , Limerick band the Corrigan brothers also intend to celebrate “The Gathering” in song. The […]