Economics for the People – Economists & Volunteers Join Forces to Debunk Econo-Babble Before You Vote

What is The People’s Economy?

The Peoples’ Economy is an information hub, a resource for citizens and candidates to understand the current economic situation. Created by a core group of independent economists and dedicated volunteers, People’s Economy is about cutting through jargon, busting myths, and answering questions about the current economic crisis.

Aim of the project

The People’s Economy aims to provide citizens with the tools to understand Ireland’s economic situation by

  • turning economic jargon into real language
  • providing the answers to frequently asked questions about the economy
  • identifying and busting common myths about the economy
  • providing them with key questions to ask candidates in General Election 2011

The People’s Economy will also provide candidates running for election with access to a group of well-respected independent economists.


The People’s Economy aims to provide citizens with the tools to understand Ireland’s economic situation. Our website is

The Economists

The economists generously giving some of their time to the project include:

  • David McWilliams: Economist, broadcaster, bestselling author, and columnist with theSunday Business Post and the Irish Independent.
  • Kevin O’Rourke: A Harvard PhD economics professor at Trinity College Dublin and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. An economic history specialist.
  • Brian Lucey: Professor of finance in the School of Business at Trinity College Dublin. A graduate of Trinity, Brian holds a first class degree in economics and has worked as a statistician in the Department of Health and as an economist with the Central Bank prior to joining TCD. He has studied at graduate level in Canada, Ireland and Scotland.
  • Lorcan Roche-Kelly: independent economic researcher
  • Ronan Lyons: independent economist.
  • Dr Constantin Gurdgiev: Macroeconomics and finance expert with 15 years’ experience in research and consultancy in strategy, economic analysis and financial markets.
  • Stephen Kinsella: Economics lecturer at the University of Limerick, and author of Ireland in 2050: How we will be Living and Understanding Ireland’s Economic Crisis: Prospects for Recovery.


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