Increase in Agri-Food Exports Underlines Potential of Sector

IFA President John Bryan has described the strong food export figures for 2010 as further evidence of the potential of the agri-food sector to contribute to the country’s economic recovery.

John Bryan said, “The provisional trade figures from the CSO today showing food and drink exports exceeding €8bn in 2010 underlines the recovery in the sector. The 10% increase compared to 2009 is also well ahead of the overall increase of 6%, which illustrates the robust performance of agri-food relative to other parts of the economy.”

The IFA President said the export performance can be built upon if Government support for primary producers is maintained through the farm schemes. “The Food Harvest 2020 Report has identified export growth potential of 50% over the next ten years. This is achievable with the right blend of policies and supports.”

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