INMO Secures National Women’s Council of Ireland Support for Health Professionals in Bahrain

At a meeting of the National Women’s Council of Ireland, held on Thursday, 23rd June 2011, INMO President, Sheila Dickson, put forward the following emergency motion:

–           That the NWCI support the call for an independent external investigation into the arrest of the healthcare workers some of whom are Irish trained, in light of recent events in Bahrain where 24 (women) nurses and 23 physicians (some of whom are women) have been arrested for providing medical treatment to injured pro-democracy protestors.  They have been charged with “anti-state activity” as a result of providing care to these wounded civilians.  Human rights entitlements, medical neutrality and the ethical responsibility of healthcare professionals must take precedence over political issues in times of conflict.

This emergency motion, which was seconded by the Irish Women’s Lawyers Association, was unanimously adopted by the National Women’s Council.

Ms. Dickson, in putting forward this motion, reiterated the INMO’s continuing serious concern over the welfare of the health professionals, arrested in Bahrain, and the need to ensure that their human rights are upheld and acknowledged at all times.

The INMO, together with other organisations, here in Ireland and abroad, including the International Council of Nurses, will continue to highlight this issue demanding that these health professionals are freed, without delay, and allowed to return to their work looking after all who fall ill in Bahrain.

Finally the INMO would also advise all nurses, midwives and other health professionals, thinking about moving to work in Bahrain, to ensure that all of the necessary safeguards are in place and that their safety will, at all times, be guaranteed.

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