Anti Eviction Taskforce Launches in Ireland

An independent group of home owners has decided to band together and unite in a concerted effort to protect all homes against repossession.

The group, calling itself the Anti-Eviction Taskforce is growing in numbers at a tremendous pace. Starting with a handful of people under threat of eviction, its numbers swelled to over 200 people overnight, even before its website was complete.

“The continued apathy and procrastination of the government in dealing with the crisis has ignited our movement” said Patrick Grant, a member of the group, he cited “The tremendous work being done by New Beginnings, The People’s Association Watchdog, Defend Our Homes League and Irish Homeowners Unite is being ignored and given nothing more than a glancing nod of recognition by the government, while Ireland is sinking deeper into a quagmire of misery and socioeconomic disaster.

The Anti-Eviction Taskforce will turn out in numbers to offer a physical presence to homes under immediate threat and will have legal observers at each attempted eviction to document, record, offer advice and act upon any issues that are considered dubious or illegal.

The Anti-Eviction Taskforce is sure to become one of the most popular movements on the net in Ireland as this week we see over 100,000 family homes threatened.

The Anti Eviction Taskforce supports the initiatives and hard work of all other groups involved with protecting family homes that are under threat, including The People’s Association Watchdog, Irish Homeowners Unite, DOHL and New Beginnings.

The Anti-Eviction Taskforce encourages anyone and everyone willing to defend the homes of others as they would like their own homes protected.

The Anti-Eviction Taskforce can be found at
Or contacted at


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  1. […] Anti Eviction Taskforce Launches in Ireland Whatever the merits of this particular case, the point is to push back against the banks and to protect vulnerable people who are facing homelessness and destitution. I'm not saying that people should simply stop paying their mortgages, but the banks and the government need to be forced to come up with a more practical and just solution to this crisis that is driving people onto the roadside and pushing up the suicide rate. This is just the beginning. Spread the word. Pass this information on to anyone you know who is facing eviction. Peace out! Reply With Quote […]