Ireland’s very first illustrated dictionary of baby sign language

Based on a concept that originated in the US in 1986 with Dr Joseph Garcia, baby sign language has become an international phenomenon allowing parents to communicate at a whole new level with their infants before they have learned to talk. Already extremely popular in the U.S. and across Europe, baby sign language is beginning to take off in Ireland. At the forefront of this is SuperHands, who have just published Ireland’s first illustrated baby sign dictionary.

This bright and colourful board book introduces parents and their little ones to the first forty signs they will need to communicate with each other. From food and drink to fun toy and animal signs, this book will get the mums and dads of Ireland communicating with their infants before they can even talk!

Using simple gestures, babies and their parents embark on an entirely new journey of interaction with each other and more importantly, have fun together. Thanks to SuperHands’ baby sign language dictionary, parents and babies can learn to sign with each other from the comfort of their own homes while using ISL, Irish Sign Language, the language of our local deaf community.

Baby sign language can reduce baby’s frustration, enhance confidence, increase parent-child bond, accelerate speech and reduce temper tantrums. Above all, however, it’s about spending enjoyable, quality time with your baby.

Having begun in the West of Ireland in 2009, hundreds of parents and babies have taken part in SuperHands classes and learned this new method of communicating with their babies. Miriam Devitt, founder of SuperHands, says the new book is a welcome addition to her company. “This is a very exciting time for infant communication in Ireland. The feedback from my classes in Clare and Limerick has been so great that I was keen to expand as quickly as possible. Now parents all over the country can experience the joys of signing with their babies.”

Gemma, mum to Hazel, 14 months, has really enjoyed learning sign with SuperHands: ”Hazel is now able to sign milk, drink, eat, apple, tired, tree, bath and nappy. Sign language has made communicating with her so much easier. She is able to tell me exactly what she needs which leads to less frustration for her and for me. Brilliant!”

For more information see or call Miriam on 086 822 3165.

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