Household Tax site in breach of privacy law

Socialist Party / United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin and anti-household tax campaigner, Paul Murphy, has lodged a complaint with the Data Commissioner about the Household Tax site,

“The government is starting to roll out a massive propaganda campaign to get people to register for and pay the unjust household tax. However, the site they are encouraging people to register on is in breach of the 2011 regulations on “Privacy and Electronic Communications” which implements EU directives on privacy.

“The website’s privacy statement declares that the site uses ‘session cookies’ which are erased after use, whereas in fact it uses so-called ‘persistent cookies’ that remain on people’s computers after they visit the website. This is a breach of the 2011 regulations and I have made a complaint to the Data Commissioner about it.

“People should not register or pay on this site. Instead, they should join the Campaign against Household and Water Taxes and work to establish such mass non-registration and non-payment that this tax will be uncollectable.”

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