“Irish people reject the notion of a tax on their homes”

“Irish people reject the notion of a tax on their homes while bondholders reap the rewards casino economics”
The notion of a new tax on Irish people while Bondholders gorge on Irish Taxes is not going down well with the Sovereign people of Ireland with only 4% of people registered to pay the “poll tax”. Labour and Fine Gael are telling us that this money is being used to fund local services while they line up to decimate rural Ireland with cut after cut to local services. The government have plans to cut 600 rural schools under 50 students and nursing homes under 50 beds on their hit list of local services that they intend to cut added to the decimation of Town Councils and local democracy which are also on their hit list. The Government have hired a number of spin doctors(on inflated wages paid for by you and i) to bully and berate the public into believing that we must pay these extra taxes or the world will fall in .
Last week Sinn Fein found out through a P Q in the Dáil that only 51,000 out of 1.6 million homes have actually paid the charge proving that there is strong resistance to the new poll tax. The fact that at least two estates in Nenagh that remain unfinished have been left without a waiver shows that the whole Government Household charge plan is badly planned and cannot work. I am calling on the Fine Gael Labour Government to drop this ridicules new tax before they are embarrassed into dropping it when they find out in April 1st that they have failed miserably. The Irish people are waiting to stand up to this Quisling government who have acted like a Vichy Government on Behalf of the Europhiles in the E C B and the new Household Charge and Septic Tank charge will be the frontline. I am calling on everybody who has any semblance of dignity left in them to resist these taxes so that the Government get the message once and for all.
Yours sincerely Cllr. Séamie Morris

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