House Repossession in Laois Stopped Thanks to People Power

Yesterday, Monday 20th February 2012, marked a new era in the battle against bankers greed. House repossessions are an all too common occurrence in Ireland post Celtic Tiger. While banks are being bailed out and bondholders paid off the ordinary people are being squeezed for everything they have. A tide of resentment and resistance towards politicians and their masters the Troika is steadily growing. One such resistance appeared yesterday evening as a large group of people arrived to a house in Co Laois to prevent a repossession.  The following letter received by us explains in more detail what happened. A video of the day from is available to view below.

Dear Friend,
As you may be aware, yesterday marked the turning point for the people of Ireland in their fight back against the bullying of the banks and their corporate gombeens in the Sheriff’s office.
A group of between 30 and 40 individuals gathered in county Laois to help persuade the Sheriff from repossessing a man’s home, the gathering of peaceful citizens came from all over the country Tipperary, Armagh, Donegal, Galway, Dublin, limerick, Kildare etc was a beautiful display of comradery in the face of adversity as nobody present had anything to gain by their presence only the knowledge that they were helping another human being in difficulty.
One very noticeable attendee was Joan Collins TD who was a hundred kilometers from her constituency so clearly had nothing to gain personally or politically by being there, we are all very grateful to Joan for her participation and her exemplary showing of solidarity with the people of Ireland who have found themselves on hard times. What a pity that not one local politician felt the need to represent their constituent, hopefully Joan’s example may be heeded by others and perhaps they will become more active in representing the needs of the people they are elected to represent.
All of the attendees at yesterdays gathering went away with a huge sense of pride and satisfaction which showed later on the Internet as the members of several groups swelled as the news of the campaign spread, by all accounts yesterday was a turning point in the Mindset of many, support for the people in mortgage difficulty is snowballing and the continued repossessions and evictions will not be tolerated by the masses.
The messages of support received by some of the groups that participated in yesterday’s exercise is overwhelming, The Anti Eviction Task Force membership has increased to 890 people who are willing to actively demonstrate at future evictions / repossessions, The People’s Association Watchdog had a surge of membership requests and I am sure that Defend Our Homes League have seen a similar result.

The Sheriff, the Banker and Gardai leaving the scene of the repossession in Laois

Yesterday’s action should be seen for the positive initiative that it was and it should be applauded by all politicians, it was a peaceful and dignified gathering of ordinary citizens that reached out to help another human being, it was not an attack on the establishment but the beginning of a movement comparable to the Land League, as people now recognize the reality that the bankers are no different to the absent landlords of yore.

We hope that other public representatives will join with the people of Ireland in their struggle against the banking tyrants in order that both government and people are acting together for our mutual benefit, We are all in the same boat, some on the top deck looking out at the sea while others paddle relentlessly out of sight below deck, once we all recognize that we are all heading to the same destination perhaps we will be more supportive of one another to get there faster.
The People are not the enemy, no more than the politicians, our real foes are the crooked bankers who we were all forced to bail out and who now continue to reap the rewards from the toil and struggle of ordinary Irish men, women and children through higher prices, taxes, charges, and so many cuts to public services and education.
Finally, we would like to invite all concerned politicians to attend a protest outside the Shelbourne Hotel from 10am on March 1st Where the giant British Auction house “Allsop” will be selling off repossessed properties, incidentally this group registered as an Irish company in 2010 specifically to sell repossessed properties here.
Yours Sincerely
Patrick Grant
People’s Association Watchdog


9 Responses to “House Repossession in Laois Stopped Thanks to People Power”
  1. Larry says:

    1. Repossessions in Ireland are not “all too common”. They are 80% less common than in the UK.
    2. Bondholder payments go onto our national debt, they do not come out of daily spending. The fate of that debt is yet to be decided.
    3. People are being squeezed because Bertie Ahern gave them fake transfers with fake money that we do not earn, and that mess has to be unwound if we are to recover.
    4. The Troika are giving us cheap money to pay for wages and salaries, and without them either we’d be borrowing more expensively or we’d be slashing welfare, PS pay and service costs by something like 30%.
    5. The Toika are not our “masters” and we could have them out of the country by 9am tomorrow morning if we wanted to, and if we wanted to live with the consequences.
    6. If this person isn’t repossessed, then neither is Paddy T. Developer or Sheila P. Solicitor from their homes on Shrewsbury Road or Orwell Park if they can’t pay their mortgage. Am I supposed to campaign to keep them in their houses too?
    7. Does the repossessee here own any more property? Do they have high credit card or unsecured debt?

    Ireland – a poor country pretending to be a rich one, in McWilliams acid phrase.

  2. Mark says:

    The Only way anything is going to get better in Ireland is when the people Educate themselves about how they are being Conned by the Banks The Legal Business and the Politicians. When they do that they will know that The people are the owners of this country and the only Law is Common Law, everything else is fraud

  3. harry says:

    No bankers getting evicted

    They have the know how and their legal friends and politicians to protect them

    Workers contracts can be reneged on

    Bankers and high flyers contracts are legally binding

    We can.t be fooled forever

  4. John says:

    Mark, you are saying that the Constitution is fraud? Any new law to deal with any new situation is fraud?

    I disagree. We need laws. You don’t believe in speed limits – I think we need them to protect the innocent from those who drive too fast. Try to explain to us why speed limits are fraud – without mentioning any conspiracy theories.

  5. irish says:

    This is insanity! I would love a farm but i cant afford one ! Neither can that person!

    Can we all have a house for free?

  6. Jim says:

    I presume the folks who are preventing the repossessions would have no problem if the state bank losses incurred are added to their tax bills?

    I’d love to know at this stage who the ‘bankers’ they refer to are, and in what sense they are being ‘greedy’. A bank repossessing a property at this stage is usually simply a case of cutting their losses – they’d much prefer if the loan interest was paid indefinitely.

  7. Fergal says:

    Had a barrister view this video. No legal basis to it at all. Cops left because of the numbers there not because of anything in the law.

    the man entered into a contractual agreement with the bank for a loan
    security for which was the house
    the man has broken the terms/conditions of the agreement
    the bank has gone through the courts to realise its security

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t block evictions just don’t be under any illusions that the law is on the side of the owner.


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