MEP Condemns Enda Kenny for “peddling falsehoods” on Treaty negotiations

·        German Minister confirms Treaty was designed to avoid Irish referendum

·        A referendum must be held on Fiscal Compact

Socialist Party MEP Paul Murphy today demanded that Taoiseach Enda Kenny gives a clear explanation to the Irish people on the negotiations around the Fiscal Compact following an interview given by German Minister for European Affairs Michael Link.

Speaking from Greece, where he is a part of a GUE/NGL delegation meeting workers Mr Murphy said “Michael Link, the German Minister for European Affairs, has today told the Irish Times that the negotiations on this treaty were done so in a way to avoid an Irish referendum. This stands in stark contrast to what Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said.

“He has been peddling falsehoods on these negotiations for the past number of weeks. It is clear that instead of negotiating for a better deal for Ireland, they negotiated a deal so that the government could avoid a referendum.

“There must be a referendum held on this agreement. There is a democratic necessity that the people of Ireland are allowed to have a say in their economic future. This treaty will ensure generations of austerity and tie the hand of all future governments.

“I am witnessing first hand in Greece the devastating effects of austerity. I am meeting workers and communities who are fighting back against this. If austerity is enshrined in Ireland through this treaty then this is what lies ahead for Irish society”

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