Minister Jan O’Sullivan provides €67.75 million to improve homes of older people and people with a disability

Ms. Jan O’Sullivan T.D., Minister for Housing and Planning, today 24 February 2012 announced a capital provision of €67.75m for grants to improve or adapt the private homes of older people and people with a disability in 2012.


Announcing the allocations, the Minister said, “The Government is determined that our scarce resources are targeted at those most in need and I am delighted to be able to secure this level of funding for the Housing Adaptation Grant Schemes for Older People and People with a Disability in spite of the severe constraints on the public finances in these challenging economic times for our country and for our people”


Supporting independent living is one of the key priorities of the Government’s new Housing Strategy for People with a Disability.  The Strategy sets out a framework for the delivery of housing to people with disabilities through mainstream housing policy, including through enabling people with disabilities to continue to live in their own homes rather than having to move into residential care settings.



Last Year almost 12,000 grants were paid out under these schemes by the various local authorities around the country. While grants of up to €30,000 are available for improvement works and extensions to facilitate a person with a disability, the majority of claims were under the Grants for Older People which provides for a grant of up to €10,500 to assist householders to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out to their homes. In addition, the Mobility Aids Grants scheme can provide up to €6,000 for works to address mobility problems through the provision of stairlifts and level-access showers etc.



“These support grants have a major impact on the quality of life for the thousands of recipients, and is vitally important in assisting older people and people with a disability to continue living in their own homes, and, will benefit them for many years to come. They also generate local employment opportunities for builders and businesses and help reduce the dependency on our health services by supporting independent living for as long as possible. They are a win-win for all involved.


I am confident that today’s allocation will continue to build on the progress made since the introduction of this scheme in 2007 and it will demonstrate the Government’s continued commitment to older people and people with a disability” the Minister concluded.



A Schedule of allocations for the payment of the Housing Adaptation Grant Schemes for Older People and People with a Disability for private dwellings is attached.

Appendix 2


Local Authority Combined Allocation
Carlow County Council €1,349,014
Cavan County Council €1,625,000
Clare County Council €1,445,000
Cork County Council €6,250,364
Donegal County Council €2,448,146
Dun Laogh/ Rath Co Council €1,110,602
Fingal County Council €2,072,365
Galway County Council €2,375,000
Kerry County Council €3,257,865
Kildare County Council  €2,025,000
Kilkenny County Council €1,867,500
Laois County Council €1,084,827
Leitrim County Council €576,305
Limerick County Council €1,473,454
Longford County Council €1,243,575
Louth County Council €1,186,266
Mayo County Council €2,575,216
Meath County Council €997,208
Monaghan County Council €1,152,172
North Tipp County Council €1,200,000
Offaly County Council €1,125,000
Roscommon County Council €1,009,251
Sligo County Council €997,684
South Dublin County Council €2,728,308
South Tipp County Council €3,111,713
Waterford County Council €994,766
Westmeath County Council €988,155
Wexford County Council €2,566,772
Wicklow County Council €954,794
Cork City Council   €1,749,741
Dublin City Council €10,629,459
Galway City Council €928,352
Limerick City Council €1,525,000
Waterford City Council €740,282
Sligo Borough Council €385,844
TOTALS €67,750,000



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